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SCI Novi takes an active roll in combating poaching and wildlife tracking in the Kruger National Park in Mozambique, Africa.  SCI Novi purchased and delivered, through the Safari Club International Foundation, Leupold thermal night vision scopes to anti-poaching units.  These officials are the front line to fight the poaching of elephants, rhinos and other African game.  These thermal scopes to date have been pivotal in the capture of many accused poachers as well as their takings including rhino horns.  

First For Conservation

Preditor - Prey Project

Michigan's deer population is influenced by many factors including disease, predation, weather, and hunter harvest.  SCI Novi in partnership with other SCI chapters financed and sponsored the continuing project that determines the impact preditors such as coyote and black bears have on our deer herd.  This research is important in monitoring the deer population and understand the reasons why it increases or declines.

Michigan Moose Project

SCI Novi in partnership with other SCI chapters played a major roll in the reintroduction of the Michigan moose population in the Upper Peninsula.  Over 60 moose were tranquilized and air lifted to a staging area then driven 600 miles to the release site in the U.P. To date the DNR estimates the moose population in the U.P. to be 378 in the core area of Marquette, Baraga, and Iron counties.

This is just a highlight of the many projects that SCI Novi play a pivotal role in. 
Without your support these programs would not happen.
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