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Banquet Silver Table Package

$1 200.00
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10 Dinner Tickets for Friday & Saturday

$200 Raffle Ticket Package

2 Tickets for Silver/Bronze Table Gun Raffle

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​Since 1991 SCI Novi has:
- Raised over $1,000,000.00 for conservation, education and humanitarian programs
- Sent over 2000 less fortunate kids to a week long wilderness camp
- Sent countless teachers to AWLS where they learn how to introduce conservation into the classroom
- Annual Wounded Veteran Project Hunt and Youth Wish Hunt
- Annually send teachers to ANR, bringing knowledge of Michigan’s diverse natural resources into the         classroom
- Play pivotal role in the reintroduction of archery programs and shooting sports in our local schools           and parks & recreation departments
- As well as many local and international conservation projects

Your Membership also includes:
- Annual membership to MUCC
- SCI Novi's award winning quarterly newsletter
- Annual Pheasant hunt, Holiday party and other chapter events